Beverly's Birthdays

"Ms. Megs, thank you for making me feel special today. This is the best birthday I have ever had."

-- A birthday recipient

"I will never be able to thank you for the unbridled joy you brought to our kids."
– Agency Partner
Our Programs
Our Programs

Birthdays come but once a year and when they come they bring good cheer! A Beverly’s Birthdays celebration is all about making a child feel important on his/her special day. We spread joy, laughter, cheer and most importantly we create positive memories for these children and their families.

We offer our partners the following services depending on their unique needs:

  • Birthday Parties: We host a celebration at the agency for children who have a birthday during that month/season. The guests are the other children in the program and their families (if applicable). The celebrations are staffed by volunteers and the parties include food, dessert, games/entertainment, and treat bags. Our birthday celebrations represent more than just a party. We believe that birthdays are an opportunity to wish a child a happy and healthy new year, and therefore all of our birthday celebrations expose the children to some type of enriching learning experience.

  • Birthday Presents: All of the children we serve receive a birthday cheer bin on their birthday. This bin is filled with gender and age appropriate gifts, which we can customize. All of our bins include a new book and a new toothbrush/toothpaste. A bin contains $40-$50 worth of items. We believe these extra items help reinforce a "“happy, healthy year…filled with cheer."

  • Itty Bitty Birthday Cheer: This program provides birthday cheer bins (filled with essential newborn items) for newborn babies. We also partner with agencies to provide group baby showers. Help support this program by purchasing an item off of our baby shower registry.

  • Classroom Cheer: In many classrooms it is an ongoing tradition for the students to bring a treat to share with their classmates on their birthdays. Families facing financial hardship may not have the means to provide this special experience for their children to share with peers. We work with schools to provide treat bags for qualified children to distribute to their peers on their birthday. In collaboration with The Education Partnership, we also provide teachers in elementary and primary schools throughout the Greater Pittsburgh region with their own Classroom Cheer Kit. This kit contains everything a teacher would need to celebrate their student's birthdays. The kits are filled based on the teacher’s roster.

  • Birthday-in-a-Bag: Pre-assembled bags filled with all of the necessary items to host a small birthday celebration (cake mix, frosting, plates, cups, napkins, party hats, etc.) to our agency partners that they can then distribute to families in-need. Primarily this program services families who are clients of community food banks. Our largest partners in this program are The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, the Washington County Food Bank, and the Westmoreland County Food Bank.

If you are interested in learning more about our programs or how we can provide services to your agency, please contact Megs Yunn at

A giant thank you to the following foundations for their 2017 programming support:

Pirates Charities
Massey Charitable Trust
Bayer USA Foundation
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