Beverly's Birthdays

"I've really enjoyed working with Beverly's Birthdays. It's an awesome way to make sure every child feels special on his/her birthday!"

-- Volunteer

In 2016 our amazing volunteers recorded over 1,791 hours of service.

Our volunteers are the heart of our organization. Without their generous support, we would not be able to fulfill the mission of Beverly’s Birthdays.

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Like birthday parties, which come in all different shapes and sizes, there are many ways to help spread birthday cheer.

  • Birthday Party Staff: Volunteers are always needed to help staff the birthday parties. Typically we host 12 to 15 parties a month and they are usually held in the early weekday evening. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age to volunteer and clearances are required in order to be a regular party volunteer. For special circumstances we will accommodate volunteers 15-17 with adult supervision.

  • Birthday Bakers: A birthday party is not complete without delicious birthday treats. We are always in need of volunteers to help bake cupcakes or cookies for birthday parties. The number of birthday guests varies from month to month, but we ask that our baker volunteers be able to accommodate at least 3 dozen people. Due to allergies we ask that no items contain nuts.

  • Birthday Shopper: Our children have specific birthday gift requests and volunteers are welcome to shop specifically for a child. If you are interested in being a birthday shopper and sponsoring a child's gift, please inquire.

  • Birthday Treat Bag Sponsors: Families are always looking for ways to help spread birthday cheer and sponsoring the treat bags for a party is a great way to help out. As a treat bag sponsor you will be given a party theme and a treat bag quantity and you have the creative freedom to create and assemble to treat bags for the party. This is a fun way for young kids to help support the cause!

  • Birthday Cheer Squad: We are always looking for dedicated volunteers to take on leadership roles as members of our administrative team. Specifically we need people to assist with party planning and fundraising.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Katelyn Livingston at