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Beverly’s Birthdays Blog is Back!

2018 was the year of new for Beverly’s Birthdays! Our 6th year as an organization, we said hello to new partnerships and employees, upgraded to a new office space, launched a new program and most importantly continued our mission of spreading birthday cheer, 365 days a year!

Now that we have gotten our feet back on the ground, our blog is back! We will be posting monthly updates on the Land of Birthday Cheer, party activity ideas, and much more. Here is a glance into everything we have been up to so far in 2019!


So far in 2019, we have already thrown over 70 group birthday parties and have distributed over $160,000 worth of goods in birthday presents! In addition, through our Classroom Cheer Program, which provides birthday kits to teachers in low-income schools, we were able to support 700 teachers, who resultantly will be able to celebrate 21,000 kids’ birthdays this year! That’s a lot of birthday cheer!

Beverly’s Birthdays Boutique

At the end of 2018, we launched our 6th program, the Beverly’s Birthdays Boutique. This is a mobile fashion truck that accompanies us to parties, where birthday kids get to “shop” for new birthday outfits and basic necessities like socks and underwear.

Bad news: Only a couple of months after purchasing the truck, it was no longer serviceable.

Good news: Thanks to an extremely generous donation from Jim Shorkey, we have a new truck! This allows us to continue to provide clothing to our kiddos to help them look and feel great.

Also, along with this new truck, comes a new party volunteer opportunity! Starting in July volunteers will be able to sign up to be personal shoppers at parties, and assist our kiddos in shopping on the truck.

Evening Of birthday cheer

In May, we hosted our 7th Evening of Birthday Cheer, our annual celebration of our organization’s birthday. This year, the event took place at The Science Center’s new PointView Hall, and boasted a beautiful view of the city, wonderful food, and magnificent chance and silent auctions, among many others. Through this event we were able to raise $70,000 to continue our mission of spreading birthday cheer, 365 days a year. We want to express a huge thank you to everyone involved!!

We still have some June volunteer opportunities available. Check your calendars, and sign up to party with us here! Thanks for your continued support, and if you don’t already, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

We will report back in July about some parties that are bound to be out of this world! (theme, hint, hint :)) #birthdaycheer #smilesmatter

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Birthday Cheer,

Beverly’s Birthdays Staff