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July Luau and August Superhero Parties

July Luau and August Superhero Parties


This summer has been SUPER busy for the Beverly’s Birthdays crew. We hula’d our way through our July luau themed parties, followed by some awesome August superhero parties!

I36187920_1900601729991947_2791625431256662016_nn July, our beloved Miss Kate moved on to a new adventure. As a volunteer at the very first Beverly’s Birthdays party, through her tenure with us, Kate has been an invaluable member of our team. Although we miss her dearly, we know she will continue to be a dedicated member of the birthday cheer squad!



In Kate’s absence, we have added some new members to our Beverly’s Birthdays staff. Over the next couple of posts, we will continue our cheer squad spotlight to introduce you to these new birthday superstars! First up, our intern Marie:

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Name: Marie Matt

Title: Beverly’s Birthdays Boutique Intern

Office Spirit Animal: Unicorn

Marie is currently a senior at Norwin High School. Upon graduation she will be attending Penn State where she eventually hopes to become a physician assistant. When she’s not helping to launch the Birthday Boutique, she likes going to the gym, and visiting New York City.

“My favorite birthday memory was my 8th birthday. We went to Justice, got our hair braided, and even had Justice themed cupcakes!”

Birthday Party Activities

July Luau

Make Your Own Lei


Create your own lei was our first craft of our parties in July! This set the mood of the party and got the kids excited for the luau theme!


Every child gets a string, an assortment of colors and sizes of flowers and beads, and is set free to create their own beautiful lei! The beads and holes in the flowers are quite small, so they really had to focus.



The kids went absolutely loco for limbo! We had other games planned, but most of the parties, the kids just wanted to keep playing limbo over and over again.


  • Limbo stick: this can be a broomstick, pole, a couple of leis tied together, anything really works
  • 2 people to hold the limbo stick
  • Limbo music

This game was awesome for all ages! For the younger kids we bent the rules and let them get under however they could. The older kids had to go under without touching the pole or the ground! Even some of the parents joined in, as you can see above!


Other Luau Activities:




August Superhero

img_3944.jpgDesign Your Own Superhero Masks

Step 1: Design our own superhero masks. The kids really got to show off their own style through this craft!


Superhero Cape Doorknob Hangers


Step 2: Wearing our new super sweet masks, we then created our capes!


  • Superhero Doorknob Hanger Kit
  • additional stickers (optional)

Superhero Training


Step 3: Now that we looked the part, it was time to learn how to be a superhero!


  • Tape
  • Red or green streamers

First, we did some superhero warm-ups including different stretching, jumping jacks, star jumps, etc.

Then we moved on to our laser beam challenge. We taped red streamers (laser beams) to the walls at all different levels. The kids then had to make it through without touching the laserbeams! This activity can be made more challenging by adding more laser beams, or timing the kids as they go through.


We have had lots of excitement happen already in September, with lots more to come! (hint: You may be reading the next blog on our new website!) We can’t wait to tell you about our LEGO parties! We hope you have a great last week of September and remember #smilesmatter!


Birthday cheer,

Beverly’s Birthdays staff