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“I’m just so excited to be happy!”

The children and families we serve are all dealing with difficult life situations — but one thing is common: their need for happiness, cheer, and hope. Beverly's Birthdays programming allows these families a "cognitive gift", a chance to take a break from their stress and to have a moment of normalcy.

"It's been a really tough time for me and my children. I am going to get it right for them. Being a part of Beverly's Birthdays programming is so nice. It gives me HOPE." -Single mom residing in a shelter

When a young boy shares with us that he doesn't know the words to the "Happy Birthday" song because no one has ever sang it to him before, we are encouraged to do more.

When an eight-year-old boy spends time with his family baking a cake from his Birthday in a Bag and says, “Now we’re like real people," we are inspired.

When a former birthday recipient, who is now a young adult, tells you, "There needs to be more people like you in the world," we are humbled.

"Now the whole world knows that I matter."

When a mom at a shelter works to turn her life around, graduates from college, and invites Beverly’s Birthdays staff to her graduation, we are honored.

When a six-year-old little boy – who has been living at a transitional housing program with his mom- exclaims in the middle of his birthday party, “Best birthday ever!" we are moved.

When a ten-year-old little girl blows out her candle and shares with our staff that her wish was, “I wish this moment would last longer,” we are grateful.

"Thank you for truly caring about kids in these types of situations… it really feels like no one else does."