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September LEGO Parties


September was a stupendous month for us. Not only was it LEGO themed, but we threw 21 parties, our all-time monthly high! Thanks to Delivering Good, all of our party guests got to use their imagination, build LEGO creations at the parties, and then take home their own set of LEGOs to continue their learning through play!

lego4In other exciting news, in September we also received a new delivery of clothes from Kidsbox!

The Birthday Boutique accompanied us to 3 different parties, where birthday kiddos got to go on board and shop for a couple of new birthday outfits as well as a Bev’s Basics pack which include new socks, underwear and pajamas!

If you are out shopping on black Friday this year and see good deals on any of these items, grab some for us! We need stock of all sizes so we can continue this awesome program!

The good news keeps on coming! We are delighted to introduce to you our new Community Engagement Manager Bonnie:

Name: Bonnie Rolisonlego 5

Title: Community Engagement Manager

Office Spirit Animal: Monkey

Bonnie has worked in social services her entire life in many different capacities ranging from helping people get building materials to now celebrating birthdays! She loves going to second hand stores, hanging out with her dog Coco, and watching reality television.

If we want it, need it, can’t find it, Bonnie is our connector. Megs views her as our very own fairy godmother!

Birthday Party Activities

Create Your Own LEGO Man

lego 3We started our September parties with design your own Lego Man.


Every child got to design a Lego sheet to be whatever and whoever they wanted it to be! Some kids chose to draw their career dream person, while others used the blank slate as an opportunity to design their own fashion outfit.

LEGO Build

lego 2

The children were enraptured by their Legos. They loved the creativity potential and rose to the challenge of building new unique creations!

Aside from giving them free-build time, here are some other instruction variations we used to keep kids interested:

  • Lego tower building contest: who can build the tallest standing tower without holding it
  • Lego spoon race: use plastic spoons, and race to see which team can get the most pieces from one end of the table to another, only one piece at a time. This can be made harder by restricting how you hold the spoon (mouth, elbows only, etc)
  • Lego treasure hunt: the pieces are small. You can verify how many pieces, what colors, they must find, lego person treasure hunt, etc.

Other LEGO activities:


Check back next month to hear about our dragon and unicorn parties, new office space and NATIONAL media coverage! Also, there is still time to register for the Great Birthday Bake, a kid’s cookie baking competition. If you are interested, click here.

Thank you for your continued support! Have a wonderful October and remember #smilesmatter!

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Birthday cheer,

Beverly’s Birthdays staff