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Summer and Fall Fun


Hi Everyone!

We hope your 2019 has been spectacular so far! A lot has happened in the land of birthday cheer, since June!

In the News:


In July, Good Morning America broadcast live from Pittsburgh and featured our one and only Founder and Executive Director Megs Yunn! On this beautiful morning aboard The Gateway Clipper, The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center presented Megs with $10,000 to provide classroom cheer kits to all of the program’s waitlisted teachers. For those of you that don’t know, our Classroom Cheer Program provides teachers at low-income schools, cheer kits, that include items like birthday pencils, capes, and bracelets, to celebrate children in the classroom.  Check out the feature here!

Megs was also featured as one of GoFundMe’s Heroes, and interviewed on GoFundMe’s podcast, True Stories of Good People. You can hear her interview here!



We have been super busy with our 6 different programs. Between June and October we facilitated 79 group birthday parties! We are focusing on trying to provide unique extra-special fun experiences at our parties. Our friends at Fairytale Princess Visits   have provided fun different characters to help take our parties to the next level! Buzz, pictured left, was a fan-favorite at our Toy Story parties in October!


Huge shoutout to Moe’s Southwest Grill for providing dinner at every single one of our parties!! They deliver the taco bar, set it all up,  and allow our parents to relax, not worry about dinner, and enjoy celebrating their child’s birthday with their community. We love Moe’s THIS MUCH!!


Beverly’s Birthdays is utilizing our newest program, the Beverly’s Birthdays Boutique, to meet families in need, where they are in their own communities. We jump started this initiative by partnering with The Twin Rivers Elementary School in McKeesport. Once a month, we bring the boutique, our mobile fashion truck, to the school. Here, kids with birthdays in that month get to shop for some new birthday outfits!



Babies, babies, babies! In 2018, two different health reports in Pittsburgh revealed neighborhoods in need, with the highest infant mortality rates and pre-term birth rates in Pittsburgh. Resultantly Beverly’s Birthdays is focusing in on our baby and pregnant mommas in need. Starting in October 2019 and through 2020, Beverly’s Birthdays plans to host 33 community baby showers, in areas of need all around Pittsburgh. These will not only be like a typical baby shower with food, games and prizes, but we will also host providers in those specific neighborhoods, to connect our mom’s to different resources they may need. We hope to envelop them with love and support, and make sure they know that they matter, and that their new baby is so loved. If you would like to contribute to this initiative here are some ways to help:

  • Do you know providers that service pregnant mom’s in need in Pittsburgh? Let us know! 
  • Do you have or want to purchase new items that could be packaged as prizes? This could be anything ranging from packs of diapers, diaper bags, bouncer, stroller, cute baby outfits, anything new, send them our way!
  • Do you want to help facilitate the baby shower games and make the new parents feel loved? Come to the baby showers to volunteer!
    • If you interested in any of the above, please email

We hosted our first community baby shower in the McKeesport/Duquesne area, and it was a blast! We had 18 expectant mommas, 7 providers, and SO MUCH FUN! We are very excited to spread more itty bitty baby cheer!


As we approach the holiday season, our shelves are looking sad and barren. If you your family, or office are looking for a way to give back, consider hosting a toy drive for Beverly’s Birthdays! If you are interested or want to learn more, please email!

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THANK YOU all for your continued support! We can’t do what we do without you!  #smilesmatter

Until next time!

Birthday cheer,

Beverly’s Birthdays Staff